VEGA - 4 Voices Samples and Synthesis drum module - 6HP

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VEGA - 4 Voices Samples and Synthesis drum module - 6HP

When Faselunare set out to create its first module, we knew we wanted to fill a gap in the modular synthesizer market. We wanted a versatile and compact drum module that could generate multiple sounds at once, without taking up too much valuable rack space.

After much deliberation, we decided on the VEGA module. This compact 6HP module features 4 voices, each dedicated to percussive sounds with a combination of synthesis and samples as sound sources. The result is a powerful and expressive instrument that can produce a wide range of rhythmic textures and grooves.

Each voice of the VEGA module features 4 samples, stored on an SD card, and a dedicated synth engine that's specifically designed for creating specific types of sounds, such as kick, snare, and hats. The interface is streamlined and easy to use, with 4 voice buttons in amber, a function button in amber, 2 RGB encoders, and a series of colored LEDs for the pages.

But the VEGA module is much more than just a drum machine - it's a creative tool that can be used in a variety of musical contexts. Whether you're exploring ambient textures or creating hard-hitting techno beats, the VEGA module is a must-have for any serious modular synthesizer setup. So don't let limited space hold you back - add the VEGA module to your rack today and unleash the full potential of your modular system.


In the vast expanse of the universe, there exists a constellation of stars known as Lyra. Its twinkling lights shimmer like diamonds in the dark expanse of space, drawing the attention of those with a passion for science fiction and space exploration. FASELUNARE, a group of visionaries with an unbridled love for all things cosmic, is at the forefront of this adventure.

At the heart of FASELUNARE lies Francesco, also known as the Urbanspaceman, and Alessandro, his partner-in-crime. Francesco's passion for space was kindled during his time playing in a band called Space Aliens From Outer Space, where he released records and thrilled audiences with his otherworldly performances. Alessandro shares Francesco's love of science fiction and together, they have embarked on a journey to create something truly epic.

Their latest project is the VEGA module, a tribute to the Lyra Constellation and its brightest star, Vega. The VEGA module is a masterpiece of engineering and creativity, a true work of art that captures the essence of the Lyra Constellation. The function button on the VEGA module represents Vega, the most brilliant star in the constellation.

As you explore the VEGA module, you will discover that its four voice buttons are arranged in the pattern of four stars in the Lyra Constellation - Sulafat (γ Lyrae), Sheliak (β Lyrae), Zeta Lyrae (ζ Lyrae), and Delta Lyrae (δ Lyrae). Together, they create a symphony of sound that echoes through the void of space, transporting you to a realm beyond your wildest dreams.

FASELUNARE's VEGA module is a testament to the power of the human imagination, a tribute to the infinite possibilities of space exploration and science fiction. It is a journey that takes you to the very edge of the universe, where the mysteries of the cosmos await. The VEGA module is more than just a synthesizer - it is a portal to another world, a gateway to the wonders of the Lyra Constellation, and an epic adventure that will stay with you forever.

The VEGA module is more than just a synthesizer - it's a powerhouse of sound production. With its combination of sampling and synthesis, it's capable of generating percussive sounds that will make your heart race. From pulsating bursts and glitchy textures to classic kick, snare, hats, and cymbals, the VEGA module is a treasure trove of sonic possibilities.

Each sound that emanates from the VEGA module is like a strange signal captured by space exploration instruments. They are unique and otherworldly, evoking images of distant planets and cosmic phenomena. As you experiment with the VEGA module, you'll discover new sonic landscapes that you never thought possible. It's a journey of exploration and discovery, where the only limit is your imagination.

So come aboard the VEGA module and embark on a journey to the furthest reaches of the universe. Let the percussive sounds and cosmic pulses transport you to a dimension beyond space and time. With the VEGA module, the possibilities are endless, and the adventure never ends.